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Functions of the Council

    Functions of the Council (As per the Pharmacy Act, 1948 as amended & State Pharmacy Rules, 1951):
    1. *Registration:*
    – Processing applications for registration of pharmacists.
    – Issuing registration certificates to qualified individuals.

    2. *Renewal:*
    – Renewing registration certificates periodically as per the specified guidelines.

    3. *Prosecutions:*
    – Receiving complaints regarding misconduct or malpractice by registered pharmacists.
    – Taking action such as removals, erasures, cautions, reprimands, or suspensions based on investigations and findings.

    4. *Restorations, Re-entry:*
    – Handling requests for restoration or re-entry into the register after suspension or removal.

    5. *In-Migrations:*
    – Facilitating the process for registered pharmacists to migrate into the state, including seeking No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from other State Pharmacy Councils.

    6. *Out-Migrations:*
    – Issuing NOCs to registered pharmacists wishing to migrate to other states.

    7. *Good Standing/Validity Certificates:*
    – Providing certificates of good standing or validity to pharmacists intending to practice in foreign countries.

    8. *Duplicate Certificates:*
    – Issuing duplicate registration certificates upon request after due verification.

    9. *Elections to the Council:*
    – Conducting elections to elect members of the Council as per the specified procedures.

    10. *Regular Meetings:*
    – Organizing regular meetings of the Executive Committee and General Body of the Council.

    11. *Receipt & Dispatch of Dak:*
    – Managing the receipt and dispatch of official correspondence and ensuring the proper disposal of undelivered items.

    12. *Public Inquiries:*
    – Addressing public inquiries both in person and through postal communication.

    13. *Coordination with Government Departments:*
    – Collaborating with state government departments, including Medical Education & Research and Health & Family Welfare.

    14. *Coordination with Regulatory Bodies:*
    – Coordinating with the Pharmacy Council of India and other State Pharmacy Councils on regulatory matters.

    15. *Professional Institutes & Refresher Courses:*
    – Coordinating within professional institutes to organize regular refresher courses for registered pharmacists to enhance professional efficiency and prestige.

    16. *Vigilance:*
    – Maintaining vigilance to prevent sabotage and false scandals, ensuring the genuineness of the registration process.

    17. *Court Cases & Legal Matters:*
    – Handling court cases, litigations, and other legal matters related to pharmacy practice.

    18. *Policy Matters & Sub-committees:*
    – Addressing policy matters and constituting sub-committees to investigate specific issues.

    19. *Financial Management & Administration:*
    – Maintaining accounts, managing bills, income, and expenditure, and conducting annual audits.
    – Reviewing and adjusting fee structures as necessary.
    – Managing staff records, leaves, pays, and disciplinary matters.

    20. *Entry of New Changes:*
    – Updating the register with new qualifications and providing certified copies of entries.

    21. *Yearly Register Maintenance:*
    – Maintaining an up-to-date register with the total number of registered pharmacists, additions, restorations, erasures, and removals.

    This alignment provides a clear and organized overview of the functions and responsibilities of the Council in accordance with the Pharmacy Act and State Pharmacy Rules.