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Pharmacy Practice Regulations-2015

Important Provisions of Pharmacy Practice Regulations-2015

  • The new Pharmacy Practice Regulations- 2015 was enforced by Pharmacy Council of India to regulate Pharmacy Practice in India.
  • As per the rules Dispensing of Drugs should be carried by the Qualified Registered Pharmacists only.
  • Renting of Registration Certificated to Pharmacy owners are strictly prohibited.
  • The Pharmacists who rented their Registration Certificates without attending dispensing services considered as misconduct and subjected for Cancellation of their Registration Certificates permanently.
  • The Pharmacists during working times should wear a white clean apron, black badge plate consists of Name and Registration Number of Pharmacists.
  • The Registration Certificates should be displayed visible to the public.
  • Along with dispensing services pharmacists should provide their professional services like patients counseling, Adverse Drug Reactions reporting, Primary Care to all uncomplicated simple illnesses. For this purpose a separate cell should be arrange within the Pharmacy.
  • Pharmacists may charge consultation fees for their professional services.
  • If any case of drugs dispensing carried by unqualified persons instead of qualified Pharmacist, public may lodge their complaints against pharmacist directly to the Registrar state or Central Pharmacy Council under sec 14(b) of Chapter 9 of PPR-2015 for the violation of section 42 of Pharmacy Act 1948.